Innovative Solutions for Women's Healthcare

Our core focus is to enable practical, low cost and personalized healthcare edtech solutions for women patients as well as front-line clinicians who treat them. 

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Innovative Solutions for Healthcare Education

Learnroll provides practical and immersive learning aided by XR and AI  for improving patient outcomes that focus on equitable Health & Medical Education and Training for patients and clinicians.

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We use the right fit SaaS immersive learning solutions using emerging technologies like 3D, AR, VR and AI with a focus on women health. Our innovative emerging products or services help in upskilling new generation workforce with short immersive healthcare skill training and education for students and clinicians to impact outcomes in modern world.

Building Women's healthcare solutions with new models

Women Health though exists as a domain is not personalized for optimal care  for women in scope of public health needs.

According to WHO Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the leading public health issue leading to death and mortality worldwide in women. Women may have symptoms different than men and are likely to be unaware of their condition to prevent diseases.

Some of the problems women face in terms of preventative care
- The preventative care is not personalized to patient needs.
-Those who are covered by insurance covers basic prevention or wellness care
-The provider lack or understanding of specific concerns
-Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) factors are not considered in most cases

Education is key for clinicians and patients ; jointly collaborate on prevention and disease management of a patient. Human centric approach to improve outcomes , quality care with education or training will help patients build better trust of healthcare systems or providers.


Addressing Health Care Equity

Our focus is better health outcomes for diverse women using immersive 3D,VR or AR technologies with AI based tools. Our aim is to create a true women patient centric advanced technology  framework for women's health with digital access. This requires training for healthcare readiness  with AI for competency skill training & education for both medical/health students, clinicians that impact diverse patient/communities outcomes ;technology with empathy.

Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Personalized care of women not based on “men” symptoms. We strive to empower diverse girls, teens and women to make informed decisions about their own health. Our health innovation solutions cater to women patients of different demographics with need based tech enabled solutions.

Creating Empathetic Medical/Health Education

One of our core goals is to address women's healthcare solutions not just from provider point of view as a “medical diagnostics or curing diseases need” but patient self empowered without jargon that includes health literacy with gamification, relevant data that may be contextualized based on patient type and sensitivities .


Our Capabilities

Health and Medical Innovation

Education and Training

Learnroll solutions help in empowering students, clinicians, patients with immersive learning  for need based competency tools that help in career, clinical readiness for healthcare professionals aligning technology with empathy needs. The XR solutions may be assisted with GENERATIVE AI (API)Tools that include LLM (Large Language Models), Computer Vision based technology.

Rehabilitation Care

Learnroll solutions can also help in Remote and Virtual Training using multiple immersive learning technology aids like VR, AR, MR to help patients get real time training from home with or without good internet bandwidth using minimally invasive solutions (no wearables, no intrusive medical devices) that use XR and 3D. The solutions can be used in self-paced or guided modes. Assistive Rehabilitation with AI can assist post surgical patients.

AI/ML Assistive Tools

Learnroll  Solutions in Hospital, Hospice, In-Home care and other patient-providers systems with AI, ML to aid in improving patient facing care bias. We empower those that need to facilitate best care for patients. Our  architecture support standards like FHIR (IHE, HL7), HIPPA Technical,SCORM  for secure integration to existing health/LMS systems. FemAssist.AI will focus on only AI based solutions for women healthcare.



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