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Practical and immersive learning for patient centric solutions that focus on equitable Health & Medical Education and Training
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Addressing new models in Healthcare Education - building competencies for Health Care
Personalized Education and Training that impacts Behavior for both providers and Patient Communities at the same time.

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Classimmerse addresses an unique healthcare problem . It is a SaaS based immersive platform solution using XR and AI toolkits. We support medical and health training providers meet their Upskilling and Reskilling needs for career readiness and workforce competency.

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Virtual Medical Hub

Virtual Medical Hub is a low-cost web enabled metaverse based private and personalized 3D or VR based model. It is designed for self-paced or collaborative medical education and community health or patient education.

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immersive learning skills
Increase Productivity

Immersive apps and platforms with VR/AR experiences help in reducing time to learn for enhancing skills, knowledge and develop needed empathy for busy and time constrained professionals or students.

Right Fit Training

We enable immersive learning that target both patients and healthcare providers. The lack of patient and provider alignment is addressed with training & education that connects the right training for both.

Remote Learning

Increase outcomes using self-paced or collaborative immersive learning for training at home or in a classroom or lab without expensive simulation hubs. We enable cross-platform XR and AI tools and services.


Our extensive pilots with large focus groups of multiple consumers and customers on a continuous basis to assess fitment for training. All our training is backed with experience analytics.

Mission and Focus- Addressing Health Care Equity
Our focus is better health outcomes for Diverse women using immersive technology.
help us create a true Patient Centric Women Cardiovascular Care Platform with need based competency and education for Healthcare workers and Patient/Communities addressing cultural and empathy needs.

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We can't do it alone. Let us collaborate to build better solutions.
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Our world  what we call earth sustains us. Building for today and tomorrow's generation with care
Learnroll is Committed to building quality affordable Right fit equitable solutions responsibly. We are committed in our pledge towards Net Zero.

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Rachelle Dene Poth, @Rdene915
Writer, STEAM Educator, Instructional Technology Advisor, ISTE Certified Educator

“I was able to interact with the content, to look closely and develop a greater understanding of the heart and heart disease. Lessons through the Learnroll Immerse platform are highly engaging for students and this particular lesson would be a great way to learn more, especially for a course in biology or Pre-med.”

Dr (Prof) Tamorish Kole
Emergency Medicine Specialist, Founder & MD, Zen Learning Academy, India

In developing countries like India upskilling using low-cost XR emerging solutions like Virtual Medical Hub by Learnroll is critical to better outcomes

Dr. Kevin Merges
Global Executive Director, Rutgers Preparatory, AR & VR Evanglist

ClassImmerse is an outstanding platform for student learning. Traditionally, I get nauseous when using VR. This app is different. Classimmerse is a quality product. I encourage everyone to try it out.

Jaime Donally @ARVRinEdu @JaimeDonally
ARVRinEdu, Classimmerse Health on Oculus GO

The experience is interactive, exploratory and fun! I think the company has managed to engage our students to learn in a way that retains knowledge and in a format they prefer.

Rebekah Davis, @Rebekah@davis
Curriculum Designer and Educator

“I liked that it has the five E organization, and the videos can be great starting points for students. The 3D models were probably the most important reason to choose this over a traditional method. I think depending on instructional needs/resources and type of student this could be an engaging way to explore content.”

David Lockett, @DavidJLockett
Albert Einstein Educator Award Winner

”I was able to integrate the heart disease module to focus on physical activity and healthy eating. Promoting interactivity better prepares. The interactive modules demonstrate the ability of students to access specificity and a deeper understanding. Health literacy is an integral part to equip students in health literacy. The module was well-organized and had core concepts highlighted.”

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