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Make your learning impactful with emerging technologies like Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR).
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Classimmerse is an medical and health education supplementary no code cross-platform enterprise platform that assists Training Providers in building courses for continuing medical education(CME) training for healthcare professionals and those training for healthcare career readiness. Our components and templates to aid in creating training that support credentialing and improve patient outcomes.

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We are early adopters of AR & VR technologies. Our service based collaborative web enabled virtual training rooms using 3D, VR and AR technology Hubs allow easy, faster content production and collaboration for Nurses Training, Physician and Physician Assistants Collaborative training, Patient & caregiver education , Health Education using a non plug-in based browser without need of VR/AR devices. Don't just "view" simulations be a part of the scenario as an active role player. It is also accessible via Classimmerse VR platform as "In-Browser" simulations portable and cross-platform on Web, VR & AR.

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Increase Productivity

Immersive apps and platform with VR/AR experiences help in reducing time to learn for enhancing skills, knowledge or develop needed empathy for busy and time constrained professionals or students.

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Right fit Training

We help in easy creation of immersive lessons that target the learner type and attention spans. The use case driven platform solution with steps to mitigate VR sickness and calibrates user comfort levels.

Remote Learning

Increase outcomes using self paced or collaborative lessons for training at home or in a classroom or lab without need of expensive simulation hubs. We enable cross platform AR and VR for enterprise and web.


Our extensive pilots with large focus groups of multiple consumers and customers on a continuous basis to assess fitment for training. All our training is backed with experience analytics.

Featured Products

Medical, Health & Sustainability
Standalone VR
No need for a expensive PC or Mobile Phones based VR
Oculus Quest/Quest 2 App

Classimmerse Anatomy

$14.99 / no voice
Single User License
Pre-Packaged Cardiovascular Anatomy Module
-Foundation Level
- 3D models - 10 models with labels, haptics, voice and text of Gross & Micro Anatomy
- 2D Videos and CT/MRI
-Practice and Quiz
-Aligns to Rice University Openstax and other curriculum resources
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Oculus Go App

Classimmerse Health

Single User License
Heart Stroke VR Lesson
- CDC Case Study anchor
-Heart Stroke - Slides
- 3D Models - with fun facts
- Ideal for students and as a patient education tool
- Basic Google Analytics tracking.
-CDC Quiz
Lab - Heart Rate Monitor with 4 States

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Oculus Quest/Quest2 App

Sustainable Stories

Single User License
-UN 2030 SDG Aligned
-VR with Indigenous Story
-Virtual Storytelling with a Guide Avatar
- Not cartoon animated but simulations of central character
-Teleporting controls for VR cybersickness
-Ideal as a CSR tool for youth 13+
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Enterprise License
In-Web Training Hub(WebXR)
Templates and Modules
Customize Logo, Content , Headings, 3D Models, Videos , CT/MRI Images ,360 Case studies, Dicom Viewer, Simulations ,Training Rooms
Bulk Deploy using Device Manager to 1000+ headsets.
Bulk Institutional Pricing
FREE TRIAL version for institutions of Cardiovascular Anatomy

Oculus Quest/Quest 2, WebXR Business Platform
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Oculus Business devices can be found here. If you need to purchase the VR consumer devices it can be found here.

Featured Testimonials

The experience is interactive, exploratory and fun! I think the company has managed to engage our students to learn in a way that retains knowledge and in a format they prefer.”

Jaime Donally @ARVRinEdu @JaimeDonally
ARVRinEdu , Classimmerse Health on Oculus GO

I was able to interact with the content, to look closely and develop a greater understanding of the heart and heart disease. Lessons through the Learnroll Immerse platform are highly engaging for students and this particular lesson would be a great way to learn more, especially for a course in biology or Pre-med.”

Rachelle Dene Poth , @Rdene915
Writer, STEAM Educator, Instructional Technology Advisor, ISTE Certified Educator

“ClassImmerse is an outstanding platform for student learning. Traditionally, I get nauseous when using VR. This app is different. Classimmerse is a quality product. I encourage everyone to try it out.”

Dr Kevin Merges,
Global Executive Director, Rutgers Preparatory, AR & VR Evanglist