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2021 Recap of Tools Used

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2021 saw us use various technologies and best practices for developing our platform solution Capture - We used various 3D and 360 technologies including importing 3rd party models which were cleaned and optimized for low poly. Polyscan is a 3D Lidar tool for IPhone Pro Max which allowed us to create sample scan and import it in 3D GLTF in 1 day. More 360 Volumetric tools can help in motion capture with tools like DepthKit. Something to experiment in 2022. Development Engine - Unity 3D allow multi platform and multi tool including XR, AR, VR , 3D on Android, MAC and more Voice - We used AWS Alexa and NLP for Voice including Unity Text to Voice 3rd party functions and plugins SDKS - We used the Oculus and SteamWorks SDK (for Valve HTC) AI Models - We plan to Open AI GPT 3 and Codex for running models for conversational AI and building AI models for Healthcare Data Sets Best Practices and Technologies - Mozilla Hub Template is the Open source tool we used both for WebXR and Hubs(on AWS) for WebXR based scenarios using 3D and VR. We plan to test Passthrough API for 2022 for Oculus/Meta Quest. Apps and Platform - Classimmerse(Unity) will focus on using VMWare deploy and Store based keys deploy for apps and modules. Learnroll Virtual Hubs will focus on WebXR based scenarios.

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