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Healthcare upskilling is not only important in US but also a global need and different models must be addressed to achieve competency versus "test taking" skills using immersive technologies and assessment models that not only gamify but also help in employers discover skill sets that are needed for the industry. In healthcare skilling of nursing and allied workforce is very critical due to shortage and lack of essential skills and competencies in patient care, communication and more. In developing countries like India, the problem is compounded with various languages and cultural difference across large populations. Our founder was there in the capital city and presented to the Healthcare skill lab on using various low-cost modalities that are not only engaging but also can scale using PC/mobile to various areas using low latency solutions. Micro-credential build pathways of learning using standards like Open Badges to allow short training with validated credentials that are need based. With the changing economy, cost and pandemic even large traditional institutions also have created various certificates and micro-credentials for faster and efficient training

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