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Into the Metaverse - Virtually


The Metaverse has been defined in many ways by technology companies, vertical industry and more. For larger technology companies it may mean enabling larger infrastructures, services or domains but for small businesses and startups like us it is more of a business model that includes technology as well as access to portable metaverses to enable your business model. In the current business model, most of our vision of business and the corresponding applications, stacks and more are aligned to "web or internet" that we see or know today. The protocols for interconnected metaverses will have to rely on standards or architectures of trust that not only allow portability and security, but also provide "equitable" access to various users including sustainable models that do not add to the already higher levels of climate degradation with non-sustainable or feasible models. The Standards like Metaverse Standards Forum and protocols like IPFS will play a major role in shaping the next generation Metaverse world.

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