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Learn more about our unique learning space


At Learnroll Immerse, we designed our learning space to promote experiential learning. Our students do not sit at desks. At Learnroll Immerse, students spend time in our three modern learning spaces. Our 3D classroom  Our 3D classroom is our primary learning space. In this room, students and teachers spend time together learning on a comfortable couch. Our teachers present lessons using our high end 3D projector and whiteboard. The students use chromebooks to work on group and individual projects. In our film making classes, student use our in-house Samsung 4k 360 camera. The sitting lab In our sitting lab, students can engage in a virtual lab using a gesture control device like PC based LEAP MOTION in a seated position. Students have access to global external university online labs and forums, including research groups like Open Source Science Research (OSSM). The sitting lab is a highly effective hands-on tools for students who are preparing for research at college. The standing lab The standing lab houses our VR headsets. We currently have the following devices: HTC Vive Oculus Rift  Samsung GEAR VR The student can move around in the entire space area to “experience” each lesson, and we have created strict safety rules to enable a smooth and fun learning experience. Transitioning from a classroom to lab In most traditional classrooms, learning is rigid and structured ; lecture time, lab time , discussion time. Our classes are free form classes that allow students to transition between different forms of learning with ease. Its time to enjoy, experience, learn, and experiment using advanced technology.
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