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Making wiser choices in 2022 We wish you the best for this year. The Omicron rise has set in another year of challenges for education seekers and mentors worldwide - to adopt better and sustainable educational tools that engages more learners with hybrid learning options. Technology for Good whether we use AR, VR , AI, IOT, Blockchain or more needs better use cases for practical use and viable transition path for benefit of Edtech users worldwide. In our effort, we hope that the tools are validated and verified for its merit and not merely following trends which may have a lower shelf life leaving institutions and small businesses like us frustrated especially in the wavering times of COVID 19 surges and spikes when products or services are sunset and even larger organizations shutter down non viable products that seem non functional Post COVID. Technology we support needs to be more than cool or hyped - we build on cross-platform premises and align to the industry best practices for accessibility, security and privacy including meet functional and performance needs of the user. The safety of education lies in the technology implementation path and trends that we as consumers adopt. Metaverses in 2022 The technology competition for AR & VR enabled metaverses is fierce on the Big Tech side with Microsoft Mesh, Meta Horizons and NFT based commerce platforms but we also see a need for more private small metaverses like our own hubs built on the Mozilla stack - a choice based on open source, secure and free internet technologies and ability to sustain in the volatile tech space with shrink wrapped style personalized spaces not "one size fits all" scenarios and collaborative spaces. Our technology landscape supports wide array of tools aided not only by big tech stacks but also open source engineering software, tools and services. Our aim is to create a safe, secure and validated platform for use by us and our customers with partners who provide us the best practice in good technology use and innovation. To learn more about AR & VR solutions enabling Edtech and the changing landscape of 3D, VR, AR, MR with new headsets, capture technology like LIDAR, 360 and more. Connect with us at info@learnroll.com We are constantly improving our platform and will be holding small group events in the Learnroll Hubs related to sustainability education periodically. Do not forget to tune in the newsletter to check it out !

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