Learnroll LLC (DBA Learnroll Immerse) is a women led small business that builds vertical healthcare emergent technology aided product and healthcare solutions that enable better patient outcomes with a focus on personalized women's health needs.


We support healthcare providers with educational technology software solutions with our online learning platform- DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) to help providers build custom, white-labeled interactive e-learning and competency training solutions using our patent pending "Swiss Knife" technology digital framework for supplementing patients, clinicians and students preparing for future healthcare roles with upskilling current methods of training to enhanced training tools and methods.

For Physicians, Residents, Nurses, Allied Career Professionals


OUR MISSION is to achieve healthcare equity across diverse populations in US for chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseases globally by enhancing health and life sciences learning/training and analytical data driven tools that promote positive outcomes and allows patients make informed decisions on their own. Training can't be one sided. Patients need to have full knowledge of anatomical systems, procedures and more,

Patient Education aided by front-line healthcare workers education and online training can save lives in emergency.


It started as a mission of a mother & technologist who was seeking better engagement solutions for her high school daughter to technology enabled solutions for informed decisions for school/community to empowering woman health population whose symptoms may not be so “medical”. 

The first app CLASSIMMERSE - HEART DISEASE module we created was to improve heart health as her family members have had early deaths due to cardiovascular disease including CVD related silent attacks and deaths during the pandemic. 

Research in neurosciences and cognitive sciences demonstrates that technology-enabled VR immersion has multiple benefits in healthcare training. She hopes that her solutions help in empowering women's health through technology using better education and training, disease management, predictive assessment and self-managed preventative patient care.

She is a mother of two Genz children. 

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Learnroll is a USPTO registered certified trademark registration number is 6338636


Increase Productivity

Immersive apps and platforms help reduce time to learn for enhancing skills, knowledge and develop needed empathy for busy and time constrained professionals or students.

Right Fit Solutions

We enable right fit products or services that target both patients and healthcare providers. Improving patient and provider alignment with XR & AI enabled solutions.

Remote Learning

Increase outcomes using self-paced or collaborative immersive learning for training at home or in a classroom or lab without expensive simulation hubs. 

Predictive Tools

Our extensive use case based pilots with large focus groups of multiple consumers  and medical experts  to help realize tools that assist in decision making. 


Practical and immersive learning for patient centric solutions that focus on equitable Health & Medical Education and Training.

Our focus is better health outcomes for diverse women using immersive technology. Help us create a true patient centric women cardiovascular care platform with need-based competency and education for healthcare workers and patient/communities addressing cultural and empathy needs.

Diversity and inclusion of all kinds of workforce is very important for us. It is not just a matter of adding a “policy file” but a serious roadmap on a workplace culture that is open, safe, based on merit and agile managed. As a minority owned small business, we recognize the challenges we have ourselves faced in workplace in terms of unconscious bias, being marginalized or not being heard based on our seniority, role or gender/race. We look for passionate, individuals who can help us in the journey of building technology solutions. We encourage diverse developers, 3D artists, testers or subject matter experts to apply or connect with us for available positions. You may contact us for Careers at

Our world what we call earth sustains us. Building for today and tomorrow's generation with care. Learnroll is committed to building quality affordable right fit equitable solutions responsibly. We are committed in our pledge towards net zero. Our headquarters are fully solar powered.

Learnroll developed Story of the Tribe and Sustainability Stories as part of their engagement to social responsibility and UN 2030 SDG goals. The Wise Raccoon - SDG 15 VR Story developed for Oculus Quest/Quest 2 uses VR storytelling with a guide avatar. These Indigenous stories teach us about preserving habitat, good health and more using funny animals or characters that inspire our imagination making it ideal as a CSR tool for youth 13+. The story of the Tribe- Native American Story was created under CC License for the Delaware India Tribe. In 2021, Learnroll organized a NATIVE AMERICAN STORYTELLING EVENT and all the fundraising was matched for STEM education for underserved communities.


Learnroll LLC are early adopters of XR solutions with expertise in wide ranging solutions from 360 to Advanced XR solutions.


Sushmita Chatterjee

Founder, CEO & CTO  

She has a strong passion & drive to improve learning outcomes for education & health. Prior to her startup role, she has 30 years of industry experience in niche technology enabled organizations as an enterprise and solution architect, product/program manager in AI/ML , Big Data in healthcare/insurance, data privacy and securities. Her focus is on empowering women's health based on her own patient experiences in her family of early cardiac deaths of men and women.

Mike Thompson

Co-Founder, Creative VP  UI/UX VR  

He is an industry veteran with experience in creative UI/UX design, VR/AR (Unity 3D) and 3D Concept Artist/Graphics with multiple NJ/NY based gaming studio with expertise ranging from games to enterprise military applications. Mike who is a local New Jersey resident joined in as a Lead developer initially to one of the first VR application – Classimmerse for the Oculus GO which has been piloted widely. It is currently being pivoted for Patient Edtech.

Manjunath Shanabag

Advisory, Angel Member Investor  

He is an advisory member and angel investor with Learnroll with extensive experience in technology sales  and marketing, operational strategy with various strategic goals for healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises. He has worked in US companies in various capabilities. He had worked with large clients and has more than 25+ years experience in clinical trials data, pharma consulting, delivery, modernization. He has spent more than 15+ years in a Big 5 Consulting firm.

Advisory  - Medical | Content Review

David Parker - Programmer

Dr. Linda Cimino, EdD, M.S., RN, CPNP-PC, ANP, CCRC, CHSE

Health Professions Educator Advisory

She is an innovative adopter with 20 years of multiple simulation formats to accommodate learning styles Credentialed/licensed as Doctor of Education, Adult Nurse Practitioner and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and Simulation Educator with peer reviewed publications.

Sara Wright - Designer

Dr. Yasmine S Ali, MD, MSCI, FACC, FACP

Cardiologist | Writer | Author

She is a board-certified cardiologist with more than 30 years experience in patient care and as a medical writer. She is also an award-winning writer, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC), and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and President( LastSky Writing LLC)


We are an award-winning company.

STEM Entrepreneur Award Recipient


STEM Entrepreneur Award Recipient

Best in AR & VR app Recipient (UK)


Best in AR & VR app Recipient (UK)

Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Award Recipient (US)


Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Award Recipient (US)

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Global EdTech Startup Awards - Semifinals USA - East Coast