Sustainability Stories

THE WISE RACCOON - META Quest2 and Quest Pro -VR Story

Building a Sustainable world through conversational systems with FOLKORE AND STORIES. These gamified visual stories teach us about impactful changes for climate by preserving habitat, good health and using  virtual immersive experiences that inspire our imagination. Local communities always connect to stories or games that inspire, teach and challenge us to be change makers ourselves. For Older Youths 13+

Sustainable Goals Through Education

Visual Story

The Wise Raccoon Story  is based on Ancient Folklore Stories that promote sustainability using visual storytelling with animals , trees and nature. It teaches about protecting the earth we live in. The visual story of the first experience is from INDIA.

UN SDG Goals 2030

UN SDG goals helps us align our lifestyle with 17 key sustainable development goals that help in protecting our planet adopting responsible lifestyles. Every country can adopt the goals with a local story or fable ; a common bind for people.

Donate for a cause

The app is available to download via Meta Quest 2 App Lab Store also and all the proceeds of the sale of the app will be donated towards Sustainable Development Education for underserved communities.  Promote sustainability through games.

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Our earth and climate goals are essential to our existence. Download our Visual Stories and donate for lifelong education.

Meta Quest 2

Also Available In Meta 2 Store App Lab

Global Indigenous Stories from fables, grandma stories, ancient tales, community stories that promote sustainable development goals using a fire-side conversational chat approach with a narrator and characters. Visual Short Storytelling Genre. 

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